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Get first-hand support, resources and access to crucial stages of your business-building to grow and sustain a profitable business, earn more money while enjoying more free time.


Let’s handle it

You are an entrepreneur. You love what you do and you are incredibly good at it. However, there are some blind spots in your business that you cannot define.

You are a one woman-band; besides serving your clients you cover financing, administration, organization, marketing etc. And you know that if you would be able to optimize all those supporting functions, set priorities and manage them accordingly, your business would thrive.

What a Management Consultant would do for an Enterprise, I do for Your Small Business. I zoom into your business, discover the blind spots and create custom solutions that you can easily implement without breaking the bank.


Statistics are not in your favour.

As a small business you have 50% chance to make it profitably to 5th year and only 33% chance of making it to 10+ years. Odds are not great.

The majority of small business owners are in the same shoes. Why? Because as an entrepreneur you wear so many hats. You get disorganised, confused, overwhelmed and start feeling like a hamster on the wheel. Instead of loving what you achieved you begin sabotaging yourself and your endeavors. Finally you give up and you fail.


Let’s make sure you are in the winning percentage.

With my executive experience from an international banking environment where I have worked with enterprises of all sizes and industries for 15 years you can profit out of a financial mentor, business consultant, co-pilot, brainstorming partner and organisational expert – all in one.


I stand by You

My role is to dive into your business. I quickly recognize what are the struggles and provide you with tools and step-by-step guide to solve them. I stay by your side and hold you accountable until you implement the solutions. 

You are making profit but your cash is not there – why?

Maybe your overheads are too high, your employees too expensive, you spend so much on marketing but there is no return on investment… We will check where you can cut unnecessary costs, save money and invest it back into your business to scale it to the point you wish.

You spend 24/7 on your business

You are overloaded with micro-tasks for accounting, social media, marketing etc. Your family is asking when you will be more available for them… You answer that you need to hire more people, but you need to earn more money first. You are  stuck in a vicious circle. We will work on your priorities, focus and business clarity. Start from there and optimise your working time – you will be more productive & efficient in your working hours and have time to spend with your family.

You are at the crossroad

Perhaps you are at the crossroads with your business and you don’t know in which way to expand to support your growth. Are you clear about what is your end business goal? Where do you see yourself in an ideal business scenario? Are you taking measures to get there? Let me support you by clarifying them so you will always know where you are going.




Why do you need me

If you manage your decisions and cash flow properly, your business can take you to destinations you’ve always dreamed of: rapidly scaling the business, spending more time with your family, charging more, early retirement, passive income and more.  

What I will fix for you

After a decade and a half of observing hundreds of businesses, I know how to take a holistic picture of the business and quickly discover the weak spots you may not even be aware of. Then, I’m able to identify solutions you can implement to solve these issues.

b3lineicon|b3icon-money-bag||Money Bag


Because you don’t want to run out of money

  • Financial Planning
  • Management of Expenses -> Cash flow optimisation
  • Funding Possibilities (Bank Loans, Venture Capital, Partnerships…)


Because your business operations should not block your sales

• Time Management
• Work Flow of Business Processes
• Tasks Delegation -> Hiring vs. Outsourcing



Because you want to scale without sacrificing the quality

  • When is the Right Time
  • How to Support the Expansion 
  • How to handle “Expansion Gone Bad”


Because you don’t want your business to run over your life

  • Identify Strategic Priorities
  • “Work Smart, not Long”
  • Use Technology to Increase Productivity
b3lineicon|b3icon-head-idea||Head Idea


Because when you set your outcome goal, you want to stick with it

  • Short & Long-term vision of your Business
  • Mindset & Endurance
  • No distractions by other people’s urgencies


Because you want to minise non-payment risk and make long-term, win-win relationships with clients

  • Know your Client (background check, analysis of Financials…)
  • Know your Partners (subcontractors, project managers etc.)
  • Relationship Management (stick to deadlines, nurture clients, no overpromising…)

What happens when you book a call with me?

Clicking the Book a Call button will take you to my online calendar on Calendly.

Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call for a time that’s convenient for you.

After you schedule a time slot, I’ll email you a questionnaire to gather some basic info.
During our confidential meet-and-greet Zoom chat, we’ll discuss your business challenges, and your options for working with me.

No pressure. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Why am I good at what I do?


My style is equally intuitive and analytical and has been known to unlock powerful eureka moments.

I have almost a magical capability to tune-in into you as an entrepreneur. And into your business. To that I add my experience  from an international banking environment where I have worked with enterprises of all sizes and industries for 15 years.

I am extremely passionate about social impact. When I was quitting my bank, I knew my next career would be focused on helping people and making the world a better place.

If you’re more of a LinkedIn CV type, check my background here


How you can work with me



(1 DAY)

For when you have a burning issue which we will break into pieces and create an immediate tailor made solution.

  • Consultation Zoom call
  • Discovery Activities and Analysis of the burning issue
  • 3/4 hours Zoom meeting
  • Unlimited Voxer/Whatsap/email support for the following 2 weeks
  • Result: Solution Design with list of next steps (received the following day)
  • 30 min follow-up call in a months time



For when you need me to discover all your weak spots and blind spots.

  • Consultation Zoom call
  • Full analysis of the company
  • 3 Zoom meetings (120min)
    1. At starting point (presentation of all required documentation)
    2. Two weeks down the road (checking-in)
    3. At end point (recap session)
  • Unlimited Voxer/Whatsap/email support during the private and for the following 2 months
  • Result: Deep Solution Design with the implementation plan (received at the end of the private)
  • 60 min follow-up call in a months time
b3lineicon|b3icon-board-char||Board Char


(3/6/12 MONTHS)

For when you need a business sparring partner to test your ideas and decisions on every next step you make.

Let me be your guide, confidant, accountability partner, outside expert, instructor, and cheerleader.


  • Consultation Call
  • Discovery activities and analysis
  • Weekly 90 minute Zoom meetings (3/6/12 months) on your chosen topic
  • Unlimited Voxer/Whatsap/email support

What people say about working with me

“I am so, so grateful. You have made me feel unstuck and on track, and now I feel excited for the future and happier as I know I can come to you for a consultation should I feel stuck again.
I see your talent of being able to dissect ideas and problems and find solutions very clearly. I love how personable you are; baby ideas have to be nurtured with care, intuition, knowledge, creativity, clarity etc and you possess them all. I would be excited to work with you again which means I am actually free to dream and be creative with my ideas for the future.”

– Karen McGeeney

(Vegetable Garden Coach and Creator at Growing Your Green Dreams)

“I’ve been in business since 2014, and have made so many mistakes, over the years. But during the last 12, tumultuous months, when I really could not afford to not get serious ROI on every decision I took, I had Maša’s calm, business brain, and incredible, intuitive sense of what works best for me as the founder by my side. So, that’s meant that each time that I’ve been at a crossroads, she’s stepped in and helped me to get clearer and clearer on the metrics that truly matter to build and sustain a profitable business, and save my sanity!
She takes away the confusion, doubt, fear and second-guessing and supports in these crucial, initial stages of business-building with her distinctive, oh-so gorgeously glamorous way.”

– Johdi Woodford

(Founder at Johdi Woodford Therapeutics)

“We are slowly coming to a close with Maša’s program and today was a golden day. I had a blockage on one of my offer packs and masa slipped in fantastic solutions and gave me space to grow the seeds. I love the way she takes the blank holes and fills them with gold. She is never pushy, but nurturing and dynamic. You will do your business the best by booking her! She excels at this job!”

– Jessica Théodoloz

(Confidence Coach at Catchy Confidence & VoiceOver Artist at #voicejtheodoloz & partner at Trees and Sun)

“Maša is a very warm, helpful, receptive person. She’s a good listener and will always find the right answer or advice.
She is very direct and to the point in answering all the questions and concerns you may have and it never takes her long to come up with ideas and solutions which she explains very clearly.
Working with her is a wonderful experience!”

Ana Tièche

(Textile Artist and Founder at Arlin)

Let’s end with some more personal facts.


Currently I live in Switzerland, the land of Heidi – majestic mountains and spring lakes. I am native Slovenian, and I am married to a very handsome Turkish man. We have 2 kids (age 6 and 8) who we are raising to be quatrilingual and are cosmopolitan by blood.


I am a former skiing champ and still addicted to that sport – I feel the most alive and free when I am speeding on the slopes early in the morning and singing with joy.


Despite being very direct, I am nice. And non-judgy. Most likely the most non-judgy person you will ever meet.


I am utterly obsessed with Olivia Pope from Scandal (you know, THE fixer) and I would like you to think of me as Olivia Pope for your business … “I will handle it”

Let me show you easy solutions that you can implement right away


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